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As part of her on-going research into history’s most controversial monarch, Philippa instigated, conceived and commissioned the archaeological search for the lost grave of King Richard III in Leicester in 2012. The project marked the first-ever search for the grave of an anointed King of England and secured the interest of Channel 4 and Darlow Smithson Productions. Philippa is now looking to secure a development deal for her film and TV script that tells the powerful and affecting story of the historical Richard III.

With a supernatural thriller in development, she is also writing a tense, one-room drama for TV, and a comedy-drama feature.

This is what they are saying about Philippa’s writing:

‘great writing’ Kudos

‘a fascinating murder mystery ... great scale ... with ambition ...’ Sky

‘brilliant plotting ...’ Hardy Pictures

‘couldn’t put it down, just wanted to read more when I got to the end’ Manray Media

Blood Royal

A secret truth - and a secret lie - made one man a legend.

Set during the Wars of the Roses in medieval England, Blood Royal is an action-packed historical feature that tells, for the very first time, the extraordinary story of Richard III – alleged murderer of the ‘Princes in the Tower’ and history’s most controversial monarch.

Blood Royal has a unique stance and twist-in-the-tale.

Gemini Rising

If you could bring the Christ back to life, would you?

In the style of The Omen, Gemini Rising is a powerful supernatural thriller set in London and Edinburgh that tells the story of one man’s discovery of faith and paternal love in the most extraordinary of circumstances.

The Council

One meeting. One man. One vision – that changed the world.

Set in an opulent hotel in the present day, The Council is a one-room drama in the style of Conspiracy and 12 Angry Men and is aimed at a mainstream audience.

Based on the surviving records, The Council is a modern re-interpretation of the remarkable events at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD.

Cindy Rella

‘Fairy’ tales do come true.

A young, heterosexual transvestite performer struggles against all the odds to find love and success in a rundown, bigoted Scottish town.

In the style of Billy Elliot, Cindy Rella is a heartwarming drama feature set in Scotland and Las Vegas that tells the story of one boy’s struggle to find the courage to be the woman he really is.